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Organizations with real-­time visualization are able to obtain critical information within the decision window 78% of the time, or 22% more often than organizations without real-­time visualization.

ITP is partnering with the leading Data Visualization companies in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics, such as QLIK. It is our mission to be on top of the industry and deliver on-premise and cloud solutions that help our customers see and understand their data.

Analyze, reveal, collaborate, and act.

Create unique solutions for accommodating specific business needs, optimizing processes,
increasing speed-to-market, improving quality, and reducing risk.

Guided Analytics

Beautiful, controlled analytic experiences guide employees toward discovering insights and making meaningful decisions.

Data Integration

Unify data sources for a complete view of information.

Centrally managed data and apps make it easier to discover insights.


Embeddable Analytics

Integrated into your business applications with extensive APIs.

Mobile Ready

Access your Qlik reports on any device from your laptop to your phone.

Cloud Platform

Users can Upload their apps to a secure online server, for access anywhere on the Internet.

Make an Impact

Charts and dashboards are intuitive and have intelligent features to discover more information.

We make it easy to explore your data, uncover relationships, and make better decisions.


Our Focus

Our focus is on data discovery that finally adds meaning to your data and delivers greater value. Make data centrally governed, visual, interactive, discoverable, and easy to use with simple self-service visualization, plus a development platform to create custom web pages and apps.


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