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22 Jun: Say Goodbye to JAIC and DDS

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) The Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, a high-profile focus point for AI adoption across the Pentagon, has ceased to exist as of June 1, as it and two other offices are rolled under the newly created Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Officer. Two other key parts of the Pentagon’s technology network will also be subsumed…

12 May: Appian awarded billions in damages against Pegasystems Inc.

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Appian has been awarded USD $2.036 billion in damages against Pegasystems Inc as the result of a jury verdict in the Circuit Court for Fairfax County, Virginia. The verdict resulted in Pegasystems being held liable for trade secret misappropriation and violation of the Virginia Computer Crimes Act, resulting in the significant payout to Appian….

22 Apr: SAP Process Automation offers low-code RPA, workflow tool

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) SAP is fusing two existing tools into one product aimed at business process automation, one of the key tenets for digital transformation. SAP Process Automation combines SAP Workflow Management, which launched in 2009 to digitize workflows, and SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which came out in 2018 to automate workflows, into one package….

21 Mar: RPA Helps IRS Make Fundamental Shift in Procurement and Finance Operations

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) The Internal Revenue Service is using software robots to enhance the agency’s technology to improve its finance and procurement functions. In 2020, the procurement division was facing a tight deadline to modify its contract clauses to adhere to changes in federal legislation. Using the power of RPA, the IRS executed nearly 1,500 contract modifications in 72 hours,…

21 Feb: The Evolution of Edge Computing and Data Analytics in Federal IT

TAKE NOTE (Insights and Emerging Technology) Government agencies are exploring analyzing information in situ, which can increase efficiency and yield other benefits. For the public sector, edge computing has a wide range of use cases, that edge is a refugee camp, a battlefield, a secure facility. The government in particular is best positioned to take advantage of edge computing, given…

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