Case Study: DoD Logistics Provider

PoP date: 2001 - Present

Business Challenge

The DoD logistics provider realized that its material and subsistence management systems were inadequate and outdated. As of 2001, these legacy systems were 35 years old. With unacceptable downtime, and overall poor performance, the systems were increasingly expensive to operate and maintain with outages and operating costs skyrocketing. With continuing confidence in logistics support diminishing, the war-fighter often ended up reordering items.

It was decided it was needed to transform its logistics into a modern, integrated supply chain, leveraging commercial off-the-shelf technology (COTS) to streamline and improve business performance. Thus was the launch of a multi-year SAP program that would replace mission critical outdated legacy systems.


How We Helped

At the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), IT Partners (ITP) supported the Enterprise Business System (EBS) program as both a Teaming Partner and subcontractor to the prime award on the following projects under over the past 20 years:

  • Business System Modernization (BSM)
  • IS&Oil (Energy)
  • eProcurement
  • SCR Capacity Support (SCR)
  • System Auditability Support (Audit)
  • DLA Technical Upgrade to SRM 7 and ECC 7.4
  • BW ETL and Extractor Development for Migration to HANA
  • DLA EETS (Enterprise Engineering and Technical Services)

IT Partners(ITP), staffed functional, technical SAP basis, and SAP middleware teams with deep expertise in SAP COTS integration and development experience to help the DLA realize its initiative. This included the re-engineering of more than 700 business processes and integrated SAP and External Partner software, replacing dozens of mission-critical legacy systems.

ITP reengineered mission critical BW extractors to pull legacy data and load an on premise HANA sidecar as part of the EDW (Enterprise Warehouse Data effort). This eventually rolled into a full BW on HANA migration. ITP also supported another HANA initiative at DLA, a Financial Sidecar. ITP has helped DLA capture data from the EKKO, EKPO, BSEG, FMIFIIT, FMIOI, FMUSFGA, and VBAP ECC tables using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT) tool and load the HANA database in columnar format.

IT Partners teamed again with the Prime to upgrade DLA from its current Production Environment to the latest ABAP release 7.04, SRM 7.04, and BW 7.4 as part of the DLA Upgrade project

ITP functional SME’s provided DLA Process Owners with assistance with DLA Energy Functional Support. The scope of the effort included support to the DLA Energy’s Business Process Support Directorate. assistance with strategic projects, tactical planning and support, system reports, subject matter expertise, and supplemental project support.

At DLA EETS (Enterprise Engineering and Technical Services) ITP has several Big Data engineers, and Hadoop Administrators helping DLA to consolidate applications and databases across the enterprise into a single storage solution.

ITP worked using UiPath RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate accurate, long-range forecasts for Material Availability on the automation team to enable DLA leadership to take proactive measures against potential performance problems before they occur, ensuring DLA stocks the right items in the right quantities to better support the Warfighter.

Currently ITP, NS2, and the Prime are working to move EBS to the Cloud.


Project Goals

  • Transform its logistics into a modern, integrated supply chain, leveraging commercial off-the-shelf technology (COTS) to streamline and improve business performance
  • Modernize Acquisition and Supply Chain Management
  • 50%Improvement Nightly Vendor Payment Run Times w/ HANA
  • 65%Improvement Fiscal Year End Close Run Times w/ HANA
  • FasterSignificantly Faster SAP Reconciliation Response Time w/ HANA

The Results

With total asset visibility, greater customer insight and optimal supply planning and sourcing, the initiative significantly changed the way the DoD logistics provider does business. Operating costs were significantly lowered, while supply availability and viability were enhanced. The customer is now positioned on a new SAP landscape which will allow them to leverage any new innovations and SAP technologies that would emerge in the marketspace.

IT Partners is THE GO-TO resource for ANY technical issue on the project. Their folks excelled in any role that they took on the project and acted as advisor’s to the project management, mentor to the new resources, great resource for colleagues and an excellent friends to all the people on the projectSolution Integration (J-622), DLA

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