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Our Nation’s critical infrastructure depends upon the ability to safeguard systems and information. The DoD and IC agencies need to redesign for resilience—mitigate risk, strategically deploy assets and investments, and assign accountability.

Rapid digitization has accelerated cloud adoption. Together, digitization and the Cloud have redefined not only enterprise boundaries and capabilities but also the attack surface, adding vulnerabilities that are beyond the reach of traditional responses.

What We Do

At IT Partners we cover common security blind spots, from automation to talent. Our broad cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise allow us to develop next-gen cybersecurity solutions from consulting to implementation to protect your mission end-to-end.

Our strategy, risk, compliance and resilience teams can provide organizations with a clear picture of their current cyber risk posture and capabilities, giving them an informed view of how, where and why to invest in managing their cyber risks.

We protect the mission as it transforms—applying zero trust principles to secure the entire digital core. Our Cyber services enable you to implement platforms and solutions that address your business goals while securing critical data, environments, systems, and users.

ITP Security Cyber Protection includes:

  • Cloud Security
  • Zero Trust & Secure Edge
  • Application Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Data Security

Our Cyber professionals pressure test defenses, understand emerging threats and prepare and respond quickly to attacks. ITP helps you build a cyber resilience plan built on a solid assessment of the cyber risks the business is most likely to experience. These include both internal threats, from people within the organization, and external risks like data breaches and ransomware attacks.


Enhances Productivity

With measures such as automated backups and improved firewalls, firms can improve their productivity, making it one of the most promising cybersecurity benefits.

Regulation Compliance:

Regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, SOC, PCI DSS, and GDPR play a substantial role in protecting individual users and organizations. Failure to comply with these regulations attracts heavy penalties.

Better Data Management

Ensure that data security regulations are implemented correctly, organizations must consistently monitor their data. In addition to security, cybersecurity also assists in operational efficiency.

Improves Cyber Posture

Track all systems in real-time on a single dashboard with one click. This strategy allows businesses to act and respond in the event of a cyber-attack with automation for smoother operations, strengthening cybersecurity protocols against threats.

Helps Maintain Trust and Credibility

Lay the foundation of trust and credibility amongst customers and investors. Breaches impact the reputation of an organization. In contrast, the customer base increases when the organization has a history of safeguarding business and customer data.

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