Case Study: USDA

Period of Performance: 10 Years
PoP date: 2016 - 2026

Business Challenge

The USDA Web-Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) system, which supports domestic and international food and nutrition programs administered by the USDA and USAID, suffered from many challenges both functional and technical. There were user acceptance issues due to poor performance and outdated UI practices. Stabilization and end-to-end visibility at the testing and management levels suffered from a virtually nonexistent concept of operations. And there was inconsistent data, duplication, and other inefficiencies.


How We Helped

ITP, together with our Prime, installed a Concept of Operations (ConOps) that would ensure we provide USDA a stable, secure, and available solution; effective mission enablement; end-to-end visibility to performance; an optimized testing environment; timely delivery of break/fix and enhancements, and a predictable cost of operations for budgetary planning and cost of performance monitoring, measurement and evaluation.

To achieve this, we first performed support pack updates and installed ongoing maintenance release strategy. ITP Basis also upgraded Solution Manager to version 7.2 and activated Charm for transport management.

ITP enhanced the WBSCM application screens by modernizing and optimizing them to reduce the time and cost to design, build, deploy, and maintain. Additionally, ITP analyzed, identified, and remediated long running transactions, minimizing redundant code, reducing run time and improving performance by 300%.

ITP began monitoring and documenting various test deliverables and automated these processes, which often extend to user identified errors, object redesign, or additional functionality.

ITP participated in a HANA pilot program to analyze the USDA’s WBSCM financials and procurement, with an expected performance speed of up to 50 times greater than using ERP Central Component (ECC) alone.

CACI won the recompete of WBSCM on GSA Alliant II. ITP is on the award and will provide continued support for sustainment and business process improvements to USDA’s WBSCM system, including a cloud migration, modernization to SAP S/4HANA, and deployment of additional Salesforce capabilities.


Project Goals

  • Get USDA to a Support Pack Status of N -1
  • Enable standard, repeatable processes for maintenance and enhancement release management within a new N+1 environment
  • Bring high-performance cloud computing and secure, reliable supply chain technologies to bear for USDA
  • Streamline USDA logistics systems, to support American farmers and help feed people during their time of need.
  • 300%Performance Increase
  • 50xEstimated Faster Performance Speed
  • 30%Reduction in time and cost to design, build, deploy, as SAPUI5 applications

The Results

By improving the functionality and performance of the USDA’s WBSCM system, user experience has improved exponentially. The site is now modernized and optimized, reducing the costs and lost time associated with their previously outdated technologies.

In addition, the USDA WBSCM now has the tools in place for continuous site monitoring to increase performance and decrease inefficiencies on their platform.

ITP will continue acting as subject matter experts and consultants to ensure that all solutions are technically feasible and achievable with minimal disruption of the WBSCM System. ITP will continue to provide continued sustainment and business process improvements to USDA’s WBSCM system, including a cloud migration, modernization to SAP S/4HANA, and deployment of additional Salesforce capabilities. These improvements will help increase the productivity and lower the sustainment costs of USDA’s food and nutrition assistance programs by modernizing and automating software functions.

IT Partners is the type of small business we love to work with.  They were key contributors to our solutioning efforts, our proposal strategy and provided great proposal content.CACI Capture Lead, USDA

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