Case Study: US Army Disconnected Processing

PoP date: 2020 - current

Business Challenge

An adversary can attempt to disrupt, degrade, or curtail the network, necessitating the need for a communication system resistant to outside interference. Currently the GCSS-Army provides continuous functionality of key logistical elements such as maintenance operations, warehouse management, property accountability, unit supply, and key supporting business functions in a multi-domain environment. GCSS- Army currently lacks the ability to operate in a disconnected, intermittent, and limited width (DIL) operational environment and hence now functions through paper-based processes during system outages.


How We Helped

IT Partners worked with a large DoD Systems Integrator to develop a solution that replaces the existing paper-based, manual data entry interface to SAP Enterprise Requirements Planning (ERP) software that is at the heart of GCSS-Army. Our solution is built upon the Pega Platform (Pega) and Pega Client for Windows (CfW), which are commercially available software products used by numerous maintenance and supply organizations. Pega is an industry-leading low-code/no-code application platform, that drives transformational change via modern enterprise information system integration using mechanisms such as modern web service interfaces.

Pega CfW incorporates essential capabilities for DISCOPS, most notably, a flexible UI5 user interface, a built in persistence (data storage, “store and forward” base), transparent online/offline operation, automated synchronization (via Pega Platform) to ERPs, and both a full Agile development toolset, and non-developer process modification capabilities for rapid field adaptation to emerging situations.

Our solution operates on CAISI VSAT infrastructure that has been deployed at the Battalion level or other connectivity approaches that the Army provides. The solution is designed to support Delayed/Disconnected, Intermittently Connected, Low-Bandwidth (DIL) Communications environments that require data synchronization. Assuming the current hardware can communicate on all modes of military network communications (LAN. Cellular, Satellite) then the solution will operate there as well. The Pega CfW is network agnostic and device driven. Once built and deployed on a device it operates according to available network conditions and constraints. The DED will be an Army Gold Master approved device with storage capacity to manage seven days of transactions locally, without synchronization. The DED will utilize CAC standards to access the Pega system using FIPS compliant standards.


Project Goals

  • Deliver GCSS-Army a solution that shows total Asset Readiness – whatever the connectivity status. Specifically, the unique challenges of operating from remote and austere environments.
  • IL-6Ready
  • 79,000End Users supported.
  • 7Days of disconnected capability

The Results

IT Partners has substantial experience supporting strategic Army enterprise programs (GFEBS, LMP, ASEIP). We are familiar with the Army’s vision for next generation enterprise business systems and will incorporate those tenets into our DISCOPS future road map – with the Army’s approval.

Our disconnected solution extends these technologies with minimal rework at the integration layer and UX. The process definition and the business rules that we build into DISCOPS will be portable to technologies that emerge over time if the Army chooses to move away from the Pega Platform. ITP will continuously monitor the Army’s ongoing strategy for future modernization and validate that our solution builds a solution that can be used as modernization progresses. The Pega Platform embraces the Composable ERP environment as defined by Gartner, which we believe EBS-C has embraced as part of an overarching strategy

Disconnected operations refers to an IT operating model designed to support customers everywhere, enable employees everywhere and manage the deployment of business services across distributed infrastructures. With the solution provided by the ITP team, we are finally seeing results.GCSS-Army Warrant Officer

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