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Data Glasses: SAP Goes Wearable

Data Glasses: SAP Goes Wearable

TAKE NOTE (Insights into SAP solutions and Emerging Technology)

Data Glasses: SAP Goes Wearable

Google’s Project Glass smart glasses initiative is generating a lot of excitement among technology enthusiasts. Now SAP and Vuzix have teamed up to create augmented reality glasses, showing that they are not just for consumers but for manufacturers, logistics companies, and service technicians as well.
The smart glasses connect with a smartphone to access data that is then displayed on a screen in front of the wearer’s eye. The wearer controls the device by giving it voice commands. For example, smart glasses can guide warehouse workers to the products on their pick lists. At the shelf they can scan the barcode to make sure they have the right item and confirm in the system that it has been picked. Forklift drivers can use the glasses to request help or instructions on how to resolve a technical problem, for instance.
SAP products that can be used with smart glasses are: SAP Inventory Manager, SAP Work Manager, SAP CRM Service Manager, SAP Rounds Manager, and SAP Machine-to-Machine Platform. According to Vuzix, the smart glasses can run on iOS and Android.

This story, “Data Glasses: SAP Goes Wearable”  was originally published at Net Business Solutions



UNDER DEVELOPMENT(Information for ABAP Developers)

SAT – Running a trace measurement

Lets pick up from last month… To recap, we created a measurement variant for transaction SAT and named it ztony. We can now execute a Runtime Analysis in ABAP Runtime Analysis in ABAP on our custom program. All we need to do is enter the name of your transaction (or program, or function module) into corresponding input field of the In Dialog area on the initial screen and press Execute button. in our case our program is also called ztony. (see below)

Once you hit execute, the object you are tracing will execute normally. In my case I created a simple ALV Tree for the Flight Tables delivered. So when I execute, I am presented with a selection screen, which I bypass and execute. I am then given the SIMPLE TREE for the grid as a display. I then just green arrow back, and the trace file is read. The system will show how it is progressing using the GUI process indicator.



Q&A (Post your questions to Facebook or Twitter and get the answers you need)

Q.  I heard that something called Enhancement Framework allows you to change standard system functionality by modifying the ABAP source code diretcly. Isn’t this a CORE MOD? Further, doen’t this type of mod not allowed by SAP?

A. Yes, CORE Mod’s are always discourged. You need to use implicit enhancement options in these cases, which allow you to enhance the source code at specific points in the ABAP programs without modifying existing ABAP code.

We can use implicit enhancement options if there are no suitable explicit enhancement options available in the source code. Implicit enhancement options are located in the source code so that you’ll likely never need to modify the original objects again.
You can find implicit enhancement options in the following places:






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