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Modernization & Transformation

The complexity of the application landscape is becoming a major challenge. Maintaining and supporting legacy applications consumes the lion’s share of the budget, leaving little room for innovation. And yet, disruptive next-generation technologies like BPM, AI, RPA, mobile, and cloud promise benefits to the business.

ITP has teamed up with the leaders of the Gartner Magic Quadrant, such as Pegasystems and UiPath, and created a collaborative ecosystem, ITP Labs, to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy these innovative technology products to Drive Digital Transformation for our customers.

Immediate Changes. Instant Deployment.

Low-Code Development

Drag and drop, declarative, visual development for all aspects of app dev

UX design, process design, and rules design

Completely Reusable

Maximize developer productivity

Ensure data governance and consistency

Instantly Mobile

Instantly available via desktop and native mobile apps with full offline capability

Robotics Process Automation

RPA accelerates automation of high volume, repetitive tasks and bridges system and data integration gaps.

Artificial Intelligence

Automate more operationally complex and/or customer-focused processes using real-time Artificial Intelligence leveraging cognitive automation, machine learning (ML), reasoning, hypothesis generation and analysis, and natural language processing. Delivering an AI-powered automation which is superior to traditional rules-based structured data automation.


Deliver at the speed of innovation without the care of managing infrastructure details


Our Focus

Agile Development… DevOps… Continuous Delivery…

Attaining business agility is beyond fast App development and delivery. It means IT and LOB working in collaboration. Software development and operations need to go to hand-in-hand, let IT partners connect them for you.


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