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Business Challenge

The DoD logistics provider realized that its material and subsistence management systems were inadequate and outdated. As of 2001, these legacy systems were 35 years old.

With unacceptable downtime, and overall poor performance, the systems were increasingly expensive to operate and maintain with outages and operating costs skyrocketing. With continuing confidence in logistics support diminishing, the war-fighter often ended up reordering items.

It was decided it was needed to transform its logistics into a modern, integrated supply chain, leveraging commercial off-the-shelf technology (COTS) to streamline and improve business performance. Thus was the launch of a multi-year SAP program that would replace mission critical outdated legacy systems.

How We Helped

IT Partners(ITP),  worked with the Prime Contractor to staff the APPDev Team with Deep expertise in COTS integration and development experience to help the customer realize its initiative. This included the re-engineering of more than 700 business processes and integrated SAP R/3 and Manugistics software, using IDoc interfaces replacing dozens of mission-critical legacy systems.


With total asset visibility, greater customer insight and optimal supply planning and sourcing, the initiative significantly changed the way the DoD logistics provider does business. Operating costs were significantly lowered, while supply availability and viability were enhanced.

The customer is now positioned on a new SAP landscape which will allow them to leverage any new innovations and SAP technologies that would emerge in the marketspace.


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