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Cirque du Soleil and SAP collaborate on Mobile App

Cirque du Soleil and SAP collaborate on Mobile App

TAKE NOTE (Insights into SAP solutions and Emerging Technology)

Cirque du Soleil’s new show TORUK – The First Flight, based on James Cameron’s Avatar series, is integrating the audience into the show, taking place in Montreal’s Bell Centre, using a mobile app powered by SAP’s HANA platform.

The world premiere of TORUK – The First Flight took place in Montreal on December 21, playing until January 3, after which it tours to Toronto, Quebec City and Auburn Hills, Michigan throughout January 2016.

Far from being told to put their mobile devices away during the performance, audience members will be encouraged to use their phones and tablets before, during and after the show, after downloading the TORUK app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android.

SAP and Cirque du Soleil are promising a “first of its kind” experience, marrying app to theatrical experience.

“This immersive digital technology brings Cirque du Soleil fans closer to the action and creates a more powerful experience for spectators of the incredible new show TORUK – The First Flight,” said SAP chief marketing officer Maggie Chan Jones. “We’re proud to bring technology from SAP HANA front and center, giving audience members an opportunity to interact with the characters and special effects on their mobile devices throughout the production.”

When audience members download the app, they can look at ticket and show information before immersing themselves in Pandora, the blue world created by James Cameron and his team of CGI specialists for the film Avatar, which the Cirque du Soleil show acrobatically riffs on.

Audience members can use the app to interact with the show during the performance, too, communicating with the show’s visual effects control system, while the app returns personalized content to their device based on how they’re interacting with the app and where they’re seated in the theatre, driven by the spatial processing capabilities of SAP’s HANA platform.

After leaving the show, spectators can continue to interact with the show through the app, taking in interactive content in the forms of images and videos designed to continue their TORUK experience.

UNDER DEVELOPMENT(Information for ABAP Developers)

Using The SALV OO Class – Changing how the ALV Grid is Displayed


Recap from last Month

In the previous post Using The SALV OO Class – Adding Functions to the ALV ToolBar, we added functions to the standard toolbar delivered with the ALV Grid functionality (see below).


In keeping in line with developing a feature-rich ALV grid for our users, in this post we are going to work on the appearance of the ALV. Specifically adding a custom title, and making the ALV more readable.

Adding a custom title to the ALV with the SALV Classes

I can hear you now… your like… wait we have a title! It’s “Demo for using SALV Class to Create ALV Output”.  Well, yes you are correct. But where did that title come from? It’s the title from the program ZSALV_DEMO02. You can see this if you use the menu path Goto->attributes in se38. The ABAP runtime processor will use this if no custom title is present. It will do the same in the classic ABAP List View as well.


Q&A (Post your questions to Facebook or Twitter and get the answers you need)

Q. I recently deleted a custom program (which is already transported to production) accidentally and was wondering if there is any method of retrieving the program back? HELP!!

A. I have to say, this is a first as questions go! I really had to noodle this a bit, but I think I found a way and tested it and it works 🙂

Here are the steps…

1) Create a program with the same name as earlier (which is deleted)
2) Click on “Utilities” –> “Versions” –> “Version Management”
3) Select the version of your earlier program and click on display.
4) Your earlier program is displayed here. You can retrieve it and activate and you should be golden!

Please let us know if this worked for you.

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