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SAP Upgrades HANA Platform  

SAP Upgrades HANA Platform


TAKE NOTE (Insights into SAP solutions and Emerging Technology)

SAP is making key updates to its SAP HANA platform, providing new high availability and disaster recovery features along with hardened security and unified administration for cloud and on premise deployments.
“Customers are choosing SAP HANA to run, understand, and transform their business,” said Marie Goodell, head of the SAP HANA platform marketing team. “It’s not just an in-memory database, it is a holistic platform and that keeps customers choosing it and expanding their projects on it.”
The update to Support Package Stack (SPS) 11 features hot standby which enables organizations to regain faster access to data by switching over to a standby database that is continuously updated with log replays from the primary data source. The ability to analyze database logs and parameters while the database is down and to restart it from where it failed can also help shorten database recovery time.
“There’s something in this for all of the different personas that work with the system that they’ll be pleased to see,” said Lori Vanourek, head of project management. Customers who are already using SAP or are running mission-critical applications on SAP will benefit from these enhancements along with a variety of users, Goodell added.
“There’s a great openness in the administrative features, which is another benefit,” Goodell said. “We are seeing new customers coming to HANA because of this unique capability to do text, spatial, or predicative analytics so fast.”

UNDER DEVELOPMENT(Information for ABAP Developers)

Using The SALV OO Class – Adding Functions to the ALV ToolBar

Let’s take a closer look at the toolbar. See the screen shot below for an overview of the generic functions of the toolbar

The user can sort the list by one or more columns, filter entries (e.g., display only data of one day), and calculate totals and subtotals. Users can determine column order and column length to retrieve needed information in a more convenient fashion.

Integrating the ALV Tool bar Functions

OK, so in the last post – Using The SALV OO Class for Quick and easy Table displays, I gave you the base code for a simple 2D display using the ABAP OO SALV class. We will be adding to this base code throughout the entire series. So lets start by adding the CL_SALV_FUNCTIONS class. Create the object reference variable.

Read More.

HOLIDAY MESSAGE (Special message from CEO & President)

As the year draws to a close and we take time with our families and loved ones, we would like to say thank you to all of our clients and business colleagues with whom we have worked throughout the year.
During the past year we have welcomed new clients & partners, refreshed existing projects, and strengthened relationships with our existing partners. Looking at the year ahead, our overwhelming feeling is one of excitement. We have so many new opportunities and partnerships ahead. The year 2016 will be a year of pivotal growth and diversification of our Partner Portfolio and Service Offerings.
We are continually humbled and honored to be able to work with such outstanding people and companies.
So thank you, for your support, your friendship and your business. From all of us at IT Partners, we wish you all a Merry Christmas, full of cheer, family, fun and warmth and a very prosperous New Year!
Christine Cecchini – CEO
Anthony  Cecchini – President



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