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IT Partners Inc. Explains Impact SAP’s Virtustream Investment Will Have on Cloud Computing

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IT Partners Inc., a leading SAP consulting firm, offers a brief analysis of the SAP move to delve further into the cloud computing sector with a $40 million investment in Virtustream. According to a recent article, both companies announced in early September 2013 the unprecedented investment to accelerate the development and delivery of SAP in the cloud.

Specialists at IT Partners Inc. say the pairing between SAP and Virtustream is a logical maneuver on both ends. SAP and Virtustream share a significant history. In 2010, Virtustream was among the first cloud providers certified to deploy business applications from SAP including on-demand infrastructure, hardware, storage, network, software and services. In May 2013 they were the flagship partner named in SAP’s newly launched HANA Enterprise Cloud, the first petabyte-scale virtual private cloud service for SAP HANA applications.

With cloud computing as its area of expertise, Virtustream provides SAP with the capability to better negotiate the daunting task of moving from its standard on-premise legacy model to the cloud which has gained popularity in recent years. On the other hand, Virtustream doesn’t have the name recognition of some of its larger competitors. By SAP associating itself with and pumping in $ 40 million to Virtustream. The company should without a doubt experience an increase in credibility. The partnership provides a perfect symbiosis between both organizations.

Additionally, SAP will be on the advisory board at Virtustream giving it full access to the company development moving forward. The Virtustream platform is certified to deploy the full line of business applications from SAP, including customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, product lifecycle, supply chain and corporate services.

IT Partners Inc. expects more collaboration from these two in the future.

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