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SAP HANA CDS Views – Webinar on Concept & Usage (REPLAY)



With the availability of the SAP HANA platform, there has been a paradigm shift in the way business applications are developed at SAP. The rule-of-thumb is: Do as much as you can in the database to get the best performance.

To take advantage of SAP HANA for application development, SAP introduced a new data modeling infrastructure known as core data services. With CDS, data models are defined and consumed on the database rather than on the application server. CDS also offers capabilities beyond the traditional data modeling tools, including support for conceptual modeling and relationship definitions, built-in functions, and extensions

In this hour-long webinar, we take you step by step from prerequisites, downloads, and running some examples.

Please download the following artifacts:

CDS Slide Deck


Finding CDS Views

CDS View Examples

CDS Value Proposition for Customers

CDS offers a SQL based layer that extends the SQL-92 standard with features that bridge and unify the traditional OLTP and OLAP models of data definition, data query, and data manipulation. Supported natively in both ABAP and SAP HANA, the data models are expressed in data definition language (DDL) and are defined as CDS views, which can be used in ABAP programs via Open SQL statements to enable access to the database. CDS provides a range of advantages for businesses and developers

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