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SAP HANA Express 2 – Webinar on Installation & Setup (REPLAY)


SAP HANA is a game-changing and best-selling product in the history of SAP. Helping companies solve data, reporting, latency challenges and unleash their potential with a real-time platform.

SAP HANA being a hardware intensive platform was out of reach for many folks. The solution is here. Say Hi! to the SAP HANA Express edition 2. This is a compressed version of the standard SAP HANA version comes as a virtual machine image and can run on your Laptop!

In this hour-long webinar, we take you step by step from prerequisites, downloads, installation, setup and running some examples.


Soon everything SAP will run on the SAP HANA platform. For folks in the enterprise software arena SAP HANA is a strong contender and knowing this technology will give you the upper edge and also can help your transition your career.

Big data and Real-time reporting are the hot topics and with  SAP HANA Express edition 2 developers, consultants and students alike can run exciting use cases with this technology.

This is a big relief for administrators as they can now have their own installation and learn this necessary technology without impacting their current working environments.

ITP is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. ITP offers comprehensive planning, resource allocation, implementation and upgrade assistance and training to companies using SAP in the Eastern United States through on-site and remote access consulting.(Additional information available at

SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. The unique core processes of various industries, from Aerospace to Utilities, are supported effectively by SAP’s 23 industry solutions. Today, more than 19,600 companies in over 120 countries run more than 62,000 installations of SAP® software. With subsidiaries in over 50 countries, the company is listed on several exchanges including the Frankfurt stock exchange and NYSE under the symbol “SAP.” (Additional information available at

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