20 Aug: ABAP OO in your Custom Workflow – Part 3

When the workflow starts you have an instance of the BOR object which is defined by the key fields that were instantiated and passed during the normal event creation. Now you want to instantiate the class which you are going to utilize. Leveraging the class we developed in the previous blogs, create a method that has in input parameter as which is the key to the class, and an export parameter that is a type reference to your class. The method ‘CREATE_INSTANCE’ is defined as static and public.

24 Dec: An introduction to Web Dynpro – Part 3

Many people think of MVC design pattern as a means for separating data presentation from data processing, and this is certainly true. However, the separation of data presentation from data processing is only one use case of a much more fundamental concept — namely, the separation of those parts of the program that generate data from those parts that consume data — and it is this fundamental principle that you see time and again within the Web Dynpro architecture.

24 Dec: The New Enhancement Framework – Part 3

In all the aspects, enhancements are more powerful than modifications, even given all the modification support that transaction SPAU offers. The reason is due to an important difference between an enhancement and a modification that stems from the conceptual difference between the two technologies.