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What is SAP JAM?

What is SAP JAM?

TAKE NOTE(Insights into SAP solutions and Emerging Technology)

There are now more ways for employees to communicate than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email, Phone, Text…its endless. Good thing? SAP doesn’t think so. They think the information can be scattered and isolated. Thoughts from your coworker could be recorded in an e-mail, another on an IM, and another jotted down by hand on a notepad. The growing amount of unstructured data makes it too easy for an important insight to fall through the cracks.

Enter SAP with it’s Jam social networking software……

What Is SAP Jam?
SAP Jam is a social-network-inspired collaboration space that can be integrated with both cloud and on-premise business functions. JAM appears to be influenced heavily by popular social media platforms, with users creating a profile where they can share achievements, blog posts, links, tasks, groups, and more..

A lot like Twitter, there is a FOLLOW function so usercan  choose to follow others that are relevant to their work, such as project team members and managers. Whatever is shared by those that the user follows shows up on a primary news feed, similar to the Facebook or LinkedIn home pages…..

Why use SAP Jam?

While Jam offers many functional similarities to Facebook and LinkedIn, its purpose isn’t just for promoting oneself and building relationships. The goal of the software is to provide a uniform place for users to collaborate across a number of projects, and to make sure they are talking with the right people. What sets Jam apart are “business tools,” that can be created in Jam as a result of collaboration. It’s not just about the conversation, but driving towards an outcome.

One of the business tools SAP highlights is onboarding. The group pages provide a single space where all necessary training documents, conversations, videos and direct links to learning applications (like SuccessFactors) can be accessed. If a new employee has a question during the onboarding process that isn’t easily answered, another can submit a comment or document to be viewed within the group. At the same time, documents can be edited with “one click” directly from the Jam interface. Changes and new ideas are subject to feedback and voting from other group members. The goal of this single source of collaboration is to (theoretically) speed along the onboarding process.

SAP says that Jam differentiates itself by embedding the collaboration software directly into business applications, and believes that will lead to a more satisfactory rate of usage. The proposed ease of access may finally be what users need to start getting social at work.

UNDER DEVELOPMENT(Information for ABAP Developers)

The SAP Enhancements: BTE and BDT

There are many options for enhancements in SAP. This blog will touch on two little known but very powerful options, BTEs and BDTs. We will discuss what they are and how they may be leveraged.




Message from Principals (Special message from CEO & President)

We really enjoy this time of the year as it is when we reflect back on what has been achieved during the year both personally and at IT Partners. 2013 has been a great year for us and we very appreciative of all the hard work put in by our valued business partners at all the customer sites across the DOD.

There is no doubt that our consultants our are greatest strength as an SAP service company, along with our culture. We talk a lot about how “Experience Matters” in SAP Consulting and we are all truly privileged to work with some of the most talented professionals in the business. They, along with all our Partners, make the greatest difference and set us apart. Our team and the culture we foster underpin all the good work that we do, and the customers that we are able to help.

We look forward to 2014 in anticipation of continued success in helping our clients achieve their SAP goals and welcoming new members into our team to help us make a difference.

Thank you again, and Happy Holidays from all of us at IT Partners!

Christine Cecchini – CEO
Anthony  Cecchini – President


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