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10+ New Features in S4HANA Finance Group Reporting 1909

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S/4HANA Finance for group reporting 1909

S4HANA Finance for group reporting is the on-premise version of SAP’s next generation software for financial consolidation and close. SAP delivers one major on-premise release each year. From a functional standpoint, the annual on-premise version inherits from all the features delivered in the cloud version each quarter.

Release 1909 of S4Hana Group Reporting, GA on September 20, 2019,  includes the following new and enhanced functionalities as compared to 1809…

S4Hana Finance 1909

Lets dig into a few key features….

Advanced Intercompany Matching and Reconciliation

S4Hana 1909 Intercompany MatchingWith the S4Hana 1909 release, SAP delivers four new intercompany apps. These apps are designed for matching and reconciliation of intercompany. They help you perform smart reconciliation on transaction level, and streamline your company to corporate close process. Check out SAP’s video describing this feature HERE.

The intercompany reconciliation apps help you:

  • Perform real-time reconciliation and error detection
  • Accelerate your month-end closing
  • Streamline your company to corporate closing
  • Automate process to save operational costs
  • Improve compliance via accurate transaction-level data matching

Data Mapping

S4hana Finance1909 Data Mapping

With S4Hana 1909, there are now apps to help with the ETL of data from any source system into S/4HANA Finance for group reporting consolidated data (ACDOCU). An exanmple use case would be the the data Mapping between source dimensions from any external system and target dimensions available in S/4HANA. Right now, the source is limited to .csv files, and the destination is limited to the ACDOCU table of SAP S/4 HANA Finance for group reporting. The mappings can be directly created in Microsoft Excel files, and then uploaded in the Data Mapping definition tile. These mapping files will be used to transform data and import it into SAP S/4HANA, using the Run Data Mapping tile.

Integration With SAP Analytical Cloud

With S4Hana 1909, SAP delivers two new API’s that will enhance connectivity to the SAP Analytics Cloud. The first API is designed to populate and refresh SAP Analytics Cloud dimensions based on S/4HANA Finance for group reporting master data. The second is dedicated to populating and refreshing the SAP Analytics Cloud model’s facts from S/4HANA Finance for group reporting reported or consolidated data. The refresh of SAP Analytics Cloud is done either on-demand or on a regular basis with scheduled queries. SAP Analytics Cloud analysis reports include Planning, Actual, Predictive P&L reports as well as a new group financial KPIs report.

As shown below, in release 1909 SAP provided new integration features with SAP Analytics Cloud to run planning activities at the group level. Consolidation master data (such as FS items and Consolidation units) as well as reported or consolidated data from ACDOCU can be imported in SAP Analytics Cloud. Consolidated data is retrieved in SAP Analytics Cloud via Live connection.

S4Hana 1909 SAC Architecture

In 1909, you’ll also find capabilities developed for cloud version, which are now available on premise.

These include:

  • Streamlined master data maintenance with the Import Consolidation Master Data app
  • Data Mapping apps to transform and load data from non-SAP systems
  • Easier selections with the new Fiori Define Selections app
  • Improved Data and Consolidation Monitors
  • Enhanced preparation for consolidation group changes
  • Intelligent Reporting Logic
  • Group Data Analysis apps
  • Matrix Consolidation
  • Group Structure apps
  • Consolidation validation result analysis
  • Drill through from consolidation validation logs to the SAP S/4HANA company level
  • Time dependent mapping between financial statement items and G/L accounts
  • Account driven consolidation rules

More Information

For more information on S/4HANA Finance for group reporting 1909 release, click any of the following:

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