25 Nov: An introduction to Web Dynpro – Part 2

One of the best things about building Web Dynpro applications is that their architecture is defined declaratively, rather than programmatically. This means that you use graphical tools to build units of the application — for example, screen layout, the navigation paths from one screen to another, and the data structures used to hold the business data — and then the Web Dynpro development environment ties them together to create the final application.

16 Oct: An introduction to Web Dynpro – Part 1

What is web Dynpro? It’s SAP’s newest user interface (UI) development option for the SAP NetWeaver platform — has been designed to become the de facto option of choice for SAP development. Web Dynpro was created because, like every other software vendor in the Web space, SAP needed a longterm, strategic solution for the many problems faced by Web developers during the implementation of browser-based business applications.