09 Dec: What are BTE and BDT Enhancements – Part 1

To begin, we must keep in mind every SAP implementation is different. That is because every business is different in the details related to their individual business processes and/or master data. Even with in the same company or entity, there can be slight or major differences in a business process or master data based on an enterprise slice. Some parts of the organization perform business one way, while another performs business another. While this is a challenge during implementations, SAP has delivered many different enhancement options. These may be leveraged by the design and development teams to meet the needs of the organization. Enhancement options are always preferable to core modifications when possible.


09 Nov: IDocs: A Guide for New Developers – Part 5

If you recall from last month’s blog, the Function Module we are using follows a naming convention “IDOC__NAME OF MESSAGE TYPE”. For our example the delivered Message Type for an Invoice is INVOIC and this is an Outbound scenario, so the function module will be “IDOC_OUTPUT_INVOIC”. The User Exit for the transaction can be found using the transaction SMOD. Here we need to give the package to find the exact enhancement and the respective function module which will serve our purpose. The steps are as follows…


21 Oct: IDocs: A Guide for New Developers – Part 4

The message type determines the technical structure of the message, along with the data contained. Through configuration, it will also determine the process flow involved in a “Distributed environment”. The Message Type controls Process Code, which in turn drives a Function Module to derive the content of the message in an OUTBOUND scenario or execute the desired SAP process in an INBOUND scenario. Finally, it also controls how the IDocs will be processed (batch, immediately etc).

19 Feb: The New Enhancement Framework – Part 5

No matter if you create an enhancement point or a BAdI as an enhancement option provider, or if you implement an existing enhancement option (be it implicit or explicit), what you create must fit into the structure of the Enhancement Framework in a way that enables you to collect and organize the enhancement options and their counterparts on the implementation side.