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20 Aug: ABAP OO in your Custom Workflow – Part 3

When the workflow starts you have an instance of the BOR object which is defined by the key fields that were instantiated and passed during the normal event creation. Now you want to instantiate the class which you are going to utilize. Leveraging the class we developed in the previous blogs, create a method that has in input parameter as which is the key to the class, and an export parameter that is a type reference to your class. The method ‘CREATE_INSTANCE’ is defined as static and public.

20 Aug: ABAP OO in your Custom Workflow – Part 1

SAP Business Workflow was built on an approximation of object orientated programming called the Business Object Repository or BOR. It uses object oriented techniques which allowed developers the ability to create copies of standard BOR objects, modify them and through inheritance allow them to be used in place of the standard.