The New ABAP Debugger

13 Sep: Layer-Aware Debugging (SLAD) in SAP Demystified

How many of us have had this happen during debugging? You need to analyze a bug, or you want to find out how an application works. And you don’t know where exactly to set a breakpoint. So you start the ABAP Debugger and start stepping through the code. And you keep on stepping through the code, endlessly, without reaching any of the application logic in which you are interested! Well there is a solution and its Software Layer-Aware Debugging (SLAD), sometimes referred to as Profile Controlled Debugging.


19 Aug: The New ABAP Debugger – Part 3

The tools of the New ABAP Debugger are optimized for the different debugging situations you may have to deal with during the course of solving a problem. Some of the tools you will recognize from the Classic ABAP Debugger; others are brand new. Before we look at a few of the tools and how to use them, lets first get comfortable with the tools menu and how the tools are organized.